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Target Vision

A New Classic is Born

Working closely with the factory we have been able to produce a new model the Perugini & Visini Lightweight Game gun either in the Elite or Suprema models.

Hire the Diamond Masters

Great for parties, stag events or whatever, I am now making available the Diamond Masters fun competition clay shooting trailer.

Our Range & Guns

I believe that to achieve the best gun fit possible, final shaping and adjusting the stock must be done in the field.

Custom Gun Fitting

Get your best fit possible…

New arrival ready for the coming game season

This is the finest example of a 28 gauge RSR game gun performance wise to ever become available.


For the last century or two, the perfect shotgun has been the goal of many shooters and sportsmen during that time. There has been a plethora of types and styles both in aesthetics and performance, some fine sporting guns designed and built to extraordinary ideas and in some cases, decorated to please the most fastidious user offering a pride of ownership beyond anything. To show or display just such examples has been the envy of many shooters world wide. Today, there are numerous manufacturers chasing the goal of beauty and performance more so than ever before as the targets both clay and game become more difficult and challenging. Many years ago I believed that there were improvements to be made on some traditional designs and during the 80’s I first started to present to the market some special designs and ideas (I was the first to present 32″ sporters to the market) which are still revered today. Continuing on that theme, my latest designs and creations have taken shotgun design and performance further forward towards the ultimate, the results being universally accepted as great achievements in presenting the very finest weapons both for performance and pride of ownership too.

Target vision, balance and poise and ease of handling are all serious criteria in my designs and these points coupled with great looks makes for some of the very best shotguns currently available today. I have pursued performance first but have always catered for good looks too, my various designs are always available adorned with engraving and quality of wood to satisfy anyone’s ego. My designs have received many favourable reviewers comments, (one reviewer commenting ‘maybe all guns should have been designed like this’) and the continual user response as to how my guns have assisted many shooters to achieve better results, are very numerous to say the least.

I specialize in gun fitting and customization to the finest degree possible. My special ‘Dynamic’ way of gun fitting has achieved very special and satisfactory results and I believe that my way of reaching the best fit possible is superior to any other form of fitting – factory visits, shop estimates or single visit attempts. Please call me to find out why my method is the best.

Couple all these important points and considerations when looking for a new shotgun with some of the worlds best manufacturers and your goal will be reached. And to quote another top UK reviewer, ‘Johns guns make it so easy to shoot’ quantifies my claims and unique selling points in just a few words. Read on through this website, I am sure I can meet your requirements giving you the best performance possible and within all price ranges too. You will find all the answers here !



John Jeffries Custom Shotguns - Shotguns with the Best Target Vision. If you want to shoot your very best, let me take you as close as possible. The rest is up to you.


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