If you are like me you can’t wait to be pulling the trigger again. I can’t believe we are really going through this incredible time. However, going through it we are and I am thoughtful that I can see customers again very soon. I wish everybody the very best of health and I do hope as many of you as possible stay away from this dreadful disease. I have a few guns available for this year and I can offer the best fitting service available for any of your guns with great stock work from my gunsmith, Charlie Hudson too. It won’t be too long, I’LL BE BACK.


Click here for the latest review of the fabulous Salvinelli Advanced RSR. Your best entry into the serious world of shotgun shooting.

“I cannot recommend highly enough that you check out the RSR, you won’t be disappointed”

“shoots like a dream and will increase your scores”




Salvinelli RSR Advanced

Salvinelli RSR Advanced

ADVANCED? You had better believe it.  This fabulous new gun launched earlier this year has really taken off with many satisfied customers shooting it very well.  It is unusual in such a modestly priced gun like the Salvinelli Advanced RSR to get such good wood quality which has really cemented this superbly handing gun well on to the market.  Triggers? Another revelation well on the heels of Perazzi and P & V, they leave nothing to chance.  This entry level top performance model offers an exceptional custom made, custom fitted and specially designed gun offering all my special advantages at a very reasonable price.  Don’t forget to read the review at the top of this page.   Let’s see you on the rostrum soon.   It’s great for bringing those high’ns down too.

Don’t forget, all my guns have the best target vision possible and they just shoot better too.

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For the last century or two, the perfect shotgun has been the goal of many shooters and sportsmen.  Today, there are numerous manufacturers chasing the goal of beauty and performance: more so than ever before, as the targets, both clay and game, become more difficult and challenging.  Many years ago, I believed that there were improvements to be made on some traditional designs, and during the 80’s I first started to present to the market some special designs and ideas (I was the first to present 32″ sporters to the market) which are still revered today.  Continuing on that theme, my latest designs and creations have taken shotgun design and performance further forward towards the ultimate, the results being universally accepted as great achievements in presenting the very finest weapons both for performance and pride of ownership too.

Target vision, balance and poise and ease of handling are all serious criteria in my designs and these points coupled with great looks makes for some of the very best shotguns available today.  My designs have received many favourable reviewers comments, (one reviewer commenting ‘maybe all guns should have been designed like this’) and the continual user response showing how my guns have assisted many shooters is a testimony to their success.

Couple all these important points and considerations when looking for a new shotgun with some of the worlds best manufacturers and your goal will be reached.  A quote from another top UK reviewer, “John’s guns make it so easy to shoot” – quantifies my claims and unique selling points in just a few words.


Referral and Commission


Many thanks to many of my customers who have recommended my guns to their friends which has resulted in some nice extra sales. Over the last few years, media advertising has less effect than in the past and my trips to shooting grounds around the UK still is my best way of getting out to interested shooters.

I am raising my ‘Referral & Commission’ stakes to anybody recommending a customer that materialises in a sale, a cash bonus of between £250 and £1000 depending on the model.

No quibble, no excuses. If the sale goes through the bonus is yours. Call me for details.



Over the years I have heard people talk about extending their barrels by fitting long multichokes, and of late I have had a few customers asking me to do this so that they end up with a longer gun, making maybe a 33″ from a 31″ or a 34″ from a 32/33″, measurement wise. Their thinking is that they don’t need to go down the longer barrel route to start with as they can add length later. This is a total myth and totally wrong. Longer barrels are not fitted or used just because they measure longer in some way or another, they are fitted or used because they offer better pointability, steadiness and target vision. Adding 1-2″ of multichokes does nothing at all except alter the chokes (and maybe add a little weight although multichokes are pretty light nowadays). To appreciate what longer barrels do and gain the benefits from them, your eye needs to see and register on the top rib being longer. With multichokes, you can’t see anything different when shooting so the correlation with the target is no better. The question still remains, will you shoot better with longer barrels ? That is still personal and is still down to how a particular shooter performs, some making great use of longer barrels and some not so convinced. I have found that my 33’s offer just about the best compromise, albeit I still shoot 34’s myself and struggle to make good sense of anything shorter. I can supply any length but do try the longer ones first. You may end up like 90% of my customers in going down the longer route. If you really want to go over the top, you could go down the 34″ route and add some 2″ multichokes. You would need a new gunslip though and won’t shoot any better either.


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