The Perazzi HPX Legend 2 has arrived and after some initial trials I believe it promises to be an exceptionally special shotgun design and hopefully you will think so too.

I have for many years had the belief that some of my special rib designs, which allow for superior target vision, are a great advantage. When coupled with several other of my original ideas, (stock, forend ,grip etc) they have already attracted great comments and great favour from many shooters worldwide. So, how do I take this further and continue to attract the serious shooters?


Two of my rib designs have excelled in their good shooting reputation with many customers worldwide acknowledging their advantages so I have combined those two designs, the RSR and the SR1 on to this new Legend, and the results are rather special!

I’m tempted to go overboard about the first results I am getting straight out of the box, and if this experience is anything to go by, I have a real winner! I am well aware of ‘new gun syndrome’ so hopefully in the not too distant future, more proof will emerge to back up my excitement.

Basically, it has even better target vision and improved point-ability and it combines these valuable features with the renowned balance and poise of all HPX guns. It’s just an incredible joy and pleasure to shoot.

I am so confident that The Legend 2 is very special and you will also find its merits so quick to perceive and benefit from that I am going to run a little launch competition.

Come and have a go at my 50 straight challenge on my mid height multi vary-stand using my demo Legend 2 that will be fitted to you. These targets are very normal shown at a good speed, quite challenging but also very hittable. I would love to see a few winners. Shoot 50 straight (single shot use) and win £150 straight in your pocket or £1000 off a new Legend.

Yes, £1000 off a new Legend 2!!!

Competition Entry:

£25 for each 50 target entry, £45 for 2 entries including 10 extra warm up clays for each entry. Cartridges (fibre only) extra.
Shot in 2 x 25’s.
Come and give the Legend 2 a try. It might just be the perfect gun for you too.
Call me to book your appointment just to try or book for the competition now. 



  1. Minimum entries to start competition 10. (As of 27/6/21 3 booked.)
  2. Each entrant to allow an entrant’s picture and recorded score and make a gun comment for my web site.
  3. Maximum 2 entries per person.
  4. Confirmation to be made by email.

Referral and Commission


Many thanks to many of my customers who have recommended my guns to their friends which has resulted in some nice extra sales. Over the last few years, media advertising has less effect than in the past and my trips to shooting grounds around the UK still is my best way of getting out to interested shooters.

I am raising my ‘Referral & Commission’ stakes to anybody recommending a customer that materialises in a sale, a cash bonus of between £250 and £1000 depending on the model.

No quibble, no excuses. If the sale goes through the bonus is yours. Call me for details.


Fern Lancaster – someone to watch for in the future!


On my visit to the Gamefair last week, I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely family whose charming daughter Fern and I spent some time talking about her excitement and already some early successes in taking up the sport of shotgun shooting. As you can see from the picture, she can already mount a gun pretty well (better than some of my experienced customers) and is already putting in some pretty good scores for an 11 year old beating many juniors of the same age and older. Watch out lads is the warning she (and I ) have for you. She did pretty well at the Gamefair and is on your heels so watch this space, you will see more of her in the future. Keep at it Fern, you can beat them.


Perugini & Visini HVR20Perugini & Visini HVR20 Perugini & Visini HVR20


I am very lucky to have just returned from a trip to Argentina shooting Doves. It’s been said that it’s too easy, boring and not worth the effort. (Dreadful flight times.) I beg to differ. Apart from the flight, the trip is one of a lifetime. The targets are amazing from fast hedgehoppers jinking and twisting and very hard to the highest tall screamers 60 yds up and beyond. If you take your time selecting the best targets and are not interested in great numbers, this is possibly the finest shooting I have been lucky enough to experience. And, most important, the HVR just did exactly what I have been saying for some time. It handled like no other game gun I have experienced and it really proved its worth beyond doubt. I have to emphasize once again, the P&V HVR 20 I believe is the finest 20 ever to hit the market. I had some great colleague comments too with a some other members of the team taking a shot or two, showing considerable surprise as to how it handles.



3RD in the Dream Team cup competition last weekend in Holland.  Kenny (on the right) now shooting his HVR even better.  Well done.


Clay Shooting Classic 2019

If you are looking for the best handling, best shooting and the best custom shotguns currently available, come and see me at the above event and have a go too. I will be there 31st May, 1st and 2nd June. Visit their website here.



Last autumn I took delivery of a new Perugini & Visini 20G game shotgun in the HVR design. It was my intention to use it for game shooting as I now find it a little tiring to use a 12g all day as age creeps in. I have been tuning and adjusting this new gun to my personal measurements and have now completed the work. I have been using and handling shotguns for nearly 60 years and I can not recall having the same thoughts about any other shotgun for game shooting like I have for this one. It is unbelievably special. It makes shotgun shooting especially for driven targets, a unique experience. It is superbly pointable but easy and quick to move and somehow, it seems to make shooting driven targets and most others too just so easy. This is the best 20g shotgun I have ever handled. The best 20g ever brought to market ? I think it could be. All who have tried it so far are amazed. The HVR has established itself already in the 12g as something pretty special but this lighter and supremely superior handling and shooting shotgun has to be the number 1. An all time classic ? OK its me talking but come and prove me wrong or indeed, right. Free trials readily available. But, – if you are looking for a very special 20g game shotgun beware, once tried you won’t be able to live with anything else. 3 Only available this year waiting in the factory part finished, just waiting stock specs.




The HVR receives another stunning review from one of the worlds best respected shooting ground instructors. There’s nothing better !!!  Just 3 available for 2019.

Please click on the image to read the review.



Kenny Bennett, silver medal Sussex Supreme Champion, sporting/compak/fitasc at Southdown.    HVR shows the way  AGAIN  !!!

The British Shooting Show


You won’t see my guns on display at the show this year, but I will be around during the show time.  I have decided that my guns always show best when handled and experienced personally at a shooting range somewhere.  Please call me if you are going and I would be delighted to meet you to discuss my full range of guns in person and hopefully then make an appointment for you to come and prove to yourself as others have that, ‘My Guns Just Shoot Better.’  I will buy you a cup of coffee too.

Norfolk keeper Sean Wagg with his new Perazzi SR1


Sean Wagg took delivery of his new Perazzi SR1 on 23rd December and is of course, another delighted customer. What an Xmas present.  Mounts a gun well too!




HVR HITS THE MARK – Pull magazine review Jan 2019


Read the latest superb review from Pull magazine. Unique 9.8 out of 10 awarded to this top performer.

Please click the image to read the review.



Congratulations Simon Simpson

Another great win for the HVR.
Top Scottish sport trap competition Simon lead the field with a great score of 94.
HVR rules again !!!



Jeff Dix – another top Sussex shooter


Jeff is a well known veteran on the circuit and is putting in some great scores with his trusted Perazzi RSR.  South of England sporting championship, Sussex Fitasc, 1st Cyprus Grand Prix, European Compak, World Beretta cup just to name a few.  Well done Jeff, keep it up!



Grimsthorpe visit


Just returned from a most enjoyable weekend at Grimsthorpe shooting ground near Bourne Lincolnshire held on Saturday and Sunday. The event was a great success with a high attendance for both the shooting offered on this very special ground and for my fitting clinic. I attended to 14 different customers giving them the very best fit possible and there were certainly one or two big surprises. One customer was shooting a gun which was 1.5″ too short and several as usual were shooting with a much too low comb. All shooters taking advantage of my fitting service well appreciated the help and advice offered and hopefully they will now enjoy better shooting when the various adjustments are made. The new clubhouse at Grimsthorpe is one of the best I have worked in and coupled with a fantastic layout showing every type of target, why visit any where else in the area. One of the best grounds and facilities in the UK. (Great sausage rolls.) Sincere thanks to all at Grimsthorpe and I have already been asked to return, details of a second visit to be revealed shortly.

He’s done it again!


Another great win for Dave Simmons at Bisley yesterday. 96/100 to win the South East inter counties ABT championship with his trusted HPX DSR. Well done Dave, keep it up.

Another satisfied HVR customer


A relatively new shooter, Ian Mawhinney, has taken delivery of his new P & V HVR.  Does he like it? I think the pictures tells it all.  (Great ready position Ian.)


Three great Sussex shooters all now with the HVR


Kenny Bennett, Andrew Simmons and Grahame Cudlipp have all converted to the P & V HVR. Their comments regarding performance of this now exceptionally special design should alone be enough to take them to the top. The best sporting shotgun ever? Could be. Better come and try it! 

Another success for Kenny


Congratulations to Kenny Bennett (in the red T shirt) who has just won the Perazzi veterans 2018 cup in Dornsberg Germany on 8th September using his Perazzi HPX/RSR.  Another great win !!! for Kenny and for the RSR.




I anm pleased to report that the patent application for my HVR design has gone through its normal time scale and it has been approved by the Intellectual Property Office, patent number GB2547218.  This design has now been received exceptionally well by both the clay and game shooters and already has a substantial reputation for delivering a performance and target vision superior to other designs.  If you are thinking of upgrading your gun and shooting performance, come and try this design and experience what the HVR has to offer.