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Referral and Commission

Over the last few years, the acceptance and respect for our Custom Shotguns has been very gratifying and much admired by my competitors. However, in looking at our records, it seems that most of my new customers are coming from recommendation and the number of referrals I receive outweighs any form of advertising. To show appreciation for this loyalty and recommendation I would like to offer all customers who have purchased a Gun the chance to benefit from such a referral that follows through to a new shotgun sale to a new customer. So, any customer who has recommended someone to me and the results culminate into a new sale to a new customer will receive a commission of £200 or 1500 Cartridges. I am very grateful for this loyalty and I trust this will of course help with the continual expansion of our profile and in turn offer a little thank you to any existing customer.

Please contact me for details and to find out how you qualify.


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