Gun Fitting Service

I have run a gun fitting service for over 40 years and during that time I have done some normal, not so normal and somewhat ‘way out’ gun fits that have not always been totally conventional.  However, I believe that I have satisfied many customers with my fitting service and have produced a perfect fit for a many normal and just a little bit unusual shooters (see in the picture here my latest special fit which was one of the most unusual I have done) and I am always pleased to take on the challenge.  My fitting service covers any alterations if necessary and I guarantee my fit too.  If you are not sure about your own personal gun fit or maybe you are just starting out, come and see me to ensure you are performing at your very best.
NB  If you want the very best fit, make sure you have got your gun mount perfect before you come and see me.  That’s the only way to get it right.  (New video coming soon.)

About us

John Jeffries Custom Shotguns - Shotguns with the Best Target Vision. If you want to shoot your very best, let me take you as close as possible. The rest is up to you.