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I have, for over 40 years, paid great attention to gun fit for my own and during that time, many other customers guns. Correct gun fit is possibly the most important factor to pursue if you want every shot to be right. I have done many different and sometimes controversial adjustments to stocks on many types of shotgun and I believe the results have been well accepted and appreciated. I believe that the only way to achieve a correct gun fit is do it in the field whilst shooting. Any order for one of my custom shotguns involves taking all the primary measurements prior to the guns being ordered and delivered in the white, ie unfinished, and then a second shotgun fitting session is arranged after which any necessary adjustments are completed in our workshop before final delivery of the finished gun. That is how I guarantee a perfect fit.

I also offer a full fitting service for all other shotguns again done a similar way to the above system. We have excellent workshop and gun smithing facilities in Sussex whereby any measurements or stock adjustments and final finishing are executed to a high standard. Let me help you achieve your best shooting performance. Contact me on 07711 456524 to arrange your shotgun fitting.

Shotgun fitting service by John Jeffries based in Sussex



During this time involved with shotgun design I have always sought to perfect the principle and philosophy of how the shotgun works and improve it’s effective performance on all targets. Over the last 20 years I have formulated several new designs and followed ideas that are intended to offer better performances derived from several different factors including target vision, pointability, balance and specialized gun fit. My latest ranges incorporating the RSR, DSR and HVR (PATENT GRANTED) offer the very best target vision possible but due to their designs their correct fitting may need some explanation to allow them to work properly and satisfy some shooters questions.

Ever since shotguns have been used for moving targets, the principle of correct gun fit and eye position has been reasonably standard. To ensure the shot charge arrives in the correct place with traditional guns the eye’s position must be in line but just above the top rib allowing a small elevation of the eye above the breech. A one or two mill elevation will in most cases place the POI (Point Of Impact) just slightly higher than POA (Point Of Aim), generally accepted as a small advantage compared with a completely flat vision which is wrong and obliterates the target on some occasions. My designs which offer a vastly superior target vision and line of sight are different and must be treated differently. If my designs are fitted so that the eye’s line and sight picture is as illustrated above, the gun will shoot low and is obviously going to place the POI in entirely the wrong place. My 3 designs mentioned above require a higher head position placing the eye’s vision between 5-6m above the top rib. This higher head position gives a much better sight picture and better shooting but contrary to some first observations and comments, will not make the gun shoot high. In some cases, the first fit for these designs that I have calculated on an initial gun fitting has been questioned by some instructors and willing helpers, sometimes resulting in the comb being reduced making the POI low and well below the target, not a good idea. I always try to achieve the very best gun fit possible but should there be any question arising from poor shooting please make sure I am your first port of call to discuss the problem.

I guarantee my gun fit but in some cases, very often due to bad gun mounting etc, several subsequent adjustments and corrections may be required to allow you to achieve the best results. Any doubt, please call — ME ! John Jeffries.

Shotgun fitting service in Sussex by John Jeffries


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