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Hi John,

I hope all is well in the world with you. I have not had chance to get to the shows this summer so I’ve not had a chance to catch up.

But I just wanted to express my gratitude for the gun you supplied me with 12 months ago. I intended to use it for clays and high driven game. As such, at the start of last season I stuck with my 20 bore Beretta for traditional style game shooting, moving onto use the RSR in December when the birds are flying higher and stronger. What a mistake. This year, apart from geese I have used the RSR to shoot everything. Decoyed or flighting pigeons. Driven or flighting duck. Fast partridge over hedges to those dots coming off a moor side. Snap shot pheasants on a woodland ride as well as archangels crossing valleys. If anybody had told me that the easiest gun to shoot, on any target or quarry, I have ever tried would be a 33” Perazzi, I would have laughed my head off. Even fast zigzagging snipe have not been an issue.

I’m no clay hotshot,but 50 straight at skeet, and a rather surprised International trap shooter have only served to boost my confidence in your RSR.

The side by sides are moth balled, my old faithful sporter has been sold. Even the new 20 bore MIroku I replaced my shot out Beretta with remains unfitted and un shot. If my RSR was steel proof it would be the only gun I would use.

So thank you John. I hope your season goes as well you could wish for.

All the Best,

Simon Wilson

Good Morning John

I thought I would give you a review of how I am shooting with the MX12 DSR now after owning it for 5 months. If you recall I purchased this gun off you used with Teague Chokes, in June this year. I can only say that the gun is much more than I had anticipated. With the length adjusted to suit my frame, and balanced up, my average of 77% is being challenged most effectively. The gun is more forgiving to shoot and responds most to shooting instinctively. The 33″ barrels are perfect and my patterns strong with 3/8th and 5/8th chokes. I did in fact hit several Battues at 90+yds, at a private FITASC event recently using 3/4 chokes…..consistently. My scores are regularly in the upper 80’s compared to my 77% and I attribute this to learning (very quickly I hasten to add), a very good gun. I did want an MX8 for the trigger pulls you are famous for, yet here I am with an MX12 and I have to say that the triggers are nothing short of exemplary. You have worked some magic into this piece and I will now only every shoot this gun, going forward, for everything. My other gun will stay in the cabinet in case my HPX DSR requires a service.

All in all, the gun has assisted me with my style of shooting, and in doing so, my scores have gone up circa 8-10% because of it. You have done a wonderful job of creating a gun with great vision, balance and feel. Based on the legendary MX8/MX12 platforms, this truly is a weapon of great heritage, with refinements meant to improve the shooters ability.

I compliment you on an excellent job well done.

Thank you.

Steve Conway

Hi John,

I shot today at Clovelly and my loader told me I was the best shot he’d had there. He was an ex-england shot and had been loading there for a long time. A lot of first kill barrels a credit to your gun and how it fits me, happy customer.



Just another note to let you know about the .28 bore. I have been doing quite a bit of shooting with the gun and have to say that there is no firearm anywhere that shoots any better than this one. We have been shooting clays off an 80 foot tower and anywhere from 40 to 60 yards off with little problem, indeed, the most difficult shots are the close in ones that people thought would be easy. I plan to use it on a tower pheasant shoot in February knowing that it will give a sterling performance. Of late I have been shooting about 350 rounds most Saturdays, and never a failure of any sort. My friend, you have built one hell of a gun.

Best always,



Fired about 350 rounds this weekend. Gun performed fantastically. Shot clays out to 60+ yards. To say the gun was terrific would be an understatement, rather it was incredible. The hard birds were the close in ones with a small pattern, the birds far out were toast. My thanks for a terrific gun.

All the best


Hi John,

Hope you’re keeping well. All is good and progressing nicely with my HPX … which I love!

I have no 100 straight’s to report just yet … but I’m more hopeful than ever!

I finished runner up at a 100 bird yesterday with an 88, High gun was a 91 … progressing nicely and feeling more confident each day!

Certainly an amazing sight picture, target visibility is second to none, and the gun itself glides through the air and handles fantastically. When you pick it up you can just feel it wants to go shoot, and it’s such a fit is so perfect it’s just like an extension of my arm …. And as if all that wasn’t enough, the timber and finish are amazing and despite being a standard model it is certainly as pretty a gun as any …… I think I have found the utopia of the shotgun world ! For that I thank you John !.

Kind regards,

D.S., Ireland

I think the HPX is one of the best shotguns on the market. Since I have had one I’ve won the Sussex all rounder + hi-gun at sportrap at Southdown Gun Club and lots more too, thanks to John Jeffries.

Kenny Bennett

Thought I should tell you about my progress with my RSR.

A week ago, I won the first ever in Finland held sportap comp. I had a shootoff, in which I shot 24 of 25 and the other guy shot 16!

Yesterday we had an ESP comp which is part of a 5 comp cup. I was second with 88.

Markku was third with 86. (HPX SR1.) Targets were quick though so I’m pleased with the score.

I’ve now shot about 4500 targets with my RSR and it’s becoming more and more familiar.

Even when I’m tired and have some bad concentration, the gun and it’s suitability to me makes good scores. It’s forgiving, you could say.

So I’ve shot 3 comps in Finland this spring and been two times second and ones first. I’m sure it’s a lot thanx to the RSR. I also feel very confidient with it. Some of the competition is starting to look worried about my development. My best ESP score in Finland was 84 before yesterday.

In Italy last day I started with a 20. My problem is, when there is some delays or other factors that make me go down with my preparation and concentration I often aren’t ready again immedeatly when the shooting start again.

At that 20, I had to wait behind the first peg almost 40 min due to two problems with the layouts systems. So I did two silly “easy”target misses on first peg and then there was a pink fast target on the other pegs which I couldn’t hit at all. Luckily there was only three of them pink coloured, that I afterward noticed was midi. Some how I missread them due to the strange colour and probably shot in front. My friend from Finland couldn’t hit it either!?

On the last layout I shot 25 straight again!

My score was 186 with 4 straight 25:s, so I’m quite pleased as I’d never shot 25 on this level compak competition and I did it 4 times!
Now I know I can do straights at comps, so next big thing is to stop shooting below 23 scores.


Today I shot at euro compak 3 * 25 straight! That involved 20 sim pairs, more than the half of the days targets. The RSR is superb with simpairs!! It’s so easy to move from first target to second as even with your cheek on the stock you see easily what the second is doing.

Yesterday I had some strange happenings in every layout, that made my shooting little bit disturbed and I did 23, 22 and 21. So my score before tomorrow last 50 targets is 141/150.

I’ll let you know if I make more straights ?

Hans Sundstrom, Finland

I have never had a formal gun fitting even though I have owned several guns including Berretta and Browning models of various forms and shot on and off for several years. I had taken advice from various shooters and modified these standard models to hopefully suit my own needs, with a very limited success.

How different it was to have John Jeffries carry out a gun fitting exercise with my most recent gun, a Berretta 682 Gold E with 32″ barrels, at Grimsthorpe Shooting Ground. This resulted soon after, in my trying out an HPX “try-gun” with John at Grimsthorpe Shooting Ground. The try-gun was roughly adjusted to my needs as measured by John and during the course of around 100 sporting targets the stock was further slightly adjusted. To my astonishment I was hitting a large variety targets, some that I would most likely have never hit with my Browning.

The difference in terms of a correctly fitting gun and the vastly improved sight picture provided by the RSR version, coupled with the “pointability” (if this word does not exist it should in relation to the RSR) of this gun was staggering.

I went away to give myself time to think about what had just happened as I am (was) a Class C sporting target shooter. It did not take too long before I booked another trial session with the try gun and identical barrels to what I eventually ordered. I went ahead and ordered an HPX in the RSR version, with 33″ barrels and fixed chokes at 1/4 – 1/4.

The gun and stock arrived separately some months later and when they came together I then went for a final fitting and shoot with the gun in it’s unfinished state at Orston Shooting Ground. I shot some skeet and achieved quite a reasonable score and then shot a 23 ex 25 on a DTL range (all first barrels)- which is not my usual discipline. The fixed chokes worked very well.

I then went to pick up the finished gun and shot it at John’s Ground in Sussex. I had never shot really long targets and achieved very considerable success under John’s guidance. When I returned home to Lincolnshire I started shooting at my regular clubs with some success but the gun was so different to my Berretta I had to learn the new sight picture as I had dropped back into the bad habits I had with my Berretta. However, I was then forced to stop shooting before I could get used to it due to operations on both knees. Now I have restarted shooting my scores are steadily improving and I can state that it is not due to my ability improving, it is due to fact that this gun fits perfectly, it is so easy to mount, to swing and to be able to see the targets earlier, that I have difficulty leaving any shoot.

I can only say as I find and my only regret is that I did not meet John Jeffries and buy this gun much earlier in my life, even though it may well have been in its development stage.

I congratulate John on persevering with his ideas, originally not generally supported by the shooting fraternity, which has resulted in the production of a gun that stands apart from every gun I have ever owned and many more that I have shot, even a “standard” Perazzi MX8 which I shot recently.

I needed to do something to improve my shooting scores and buying this gun from John Jeffries was definitely the answer.

Richard Ayers, Cornwall

Dear John,


I am finally getting round to saying a big thank you for the HPX/RSR which you supplied me.

I am Alex Stevens and now 63. I took up game shooting in my 50’s and had a bit more time for a hobby. I moved on to clay shooting and took up Skeet shooting and after a couple of years I became reasonably good at around 90%. I had a desire to get into the Cornish Skeet team and after some practice and coaching I managed to do this in 2013.

When I tried out the RSR at your range I hit virtually all the clays from several different traps, even the very difficult long shots. I didn’t quite understand how it was working so well for me but I was so impressed I ordered it there and then.

It was certainly worth the wait and since receiving the HPX on 19th March 2014 my clay shooting improved immediately. I only had the gun 10 days when I shot 98/100 at the first county selection for the Cornwall Skeet team. Since then I have qualified for the county seniors team in Skeet and for the first time in All-round and English sporting. I used to shoot around 70% in sporting but but now I am shooting over 80% and still improving.

What I find about the HPX/RSR is that I get so much more vision of the target and so I can aquire the target much more quickly and usually shoot it more quickly especially with the driven target. Since the HPX arrived I have not used my Perazzi MX 2000/s, the HPX is the only gun I want to use. The gun fits me so well, it mounts perfectly every time and the trigger action is very smooth and noticeably better than my standard Perazzi. Several of my friends have tried the gun and have been impressed too.

I have recently shot 100 straight at Skeet while practicing and hope to do it in competition before too much longer.

Thank you again,

Alex Stevens, Cornwall


I’m John Worth and now in my mid-fifties, I’ve been breaking clays a little over 5 years having discovered clay shooting rather late in life and getting absolutely hooked – most English sporting, a bit of skeet and the odd Compac round. I bought my first gun, a Browning ultra XS titanium prestige – Browning’s ultimate clay buster in the spring of 2009.

As my shooting has improved there have been instances when the browning would offer an inconsistent trigger pull resulting in a missed target here and there and that inspired the idea of perhaps acquiring a top-notch competition shotgun and so the quest began. Almost inevitably the legendary Perazzi brand cropped up early in the search and the possibility of owning a custom made gun, there were certain attractions to the approach as I have relatively small hands for a man so even with an adjustable trigger the radius of a standard grip isn’t ideal.

It is possible to buy a Perazzi off-the-shelf designed for whatever a standard human might be like and one can also go to the factory in Italy and have one made to order. During my research I discovered John Jeffries and HPX Perazzi here in the UK, the HPX guns are custom built, to order to fit the individual and to John’s own specifications in close liaison with the Perazzi factory with a design that has have been refined over a number of years. After a couple of emails and a telephone conversation I agreed to meet John at the Grimsthorpe shooting estate in Lincolnshire where a Fitasc selection shoot was also taking place – one bright Sunday morning in September 2012.

I should say that at this point I was hugely cynical (and John certainly didn’t know this) my Browning ultra XS is an excellent gun and I’ve learn’t to shoot it pretty well and whilst I could afford an HPX Perazzi could it really be worth more than 3 times the cost of the Browning? I needed to know more and then could eliminate it, if it didn’t match the requirement – it was going to have to be very good indeed. John Jeffries is a quiet chap, passionate about competition shotguns and evolutionary innovation that makes ‘his’ HPX Perazzi guns very special indeed. John is also easy company and doesn’t ‘sell’ to you at all – his guns seduce you all on their own!

Picking a HPX Perazzi up for the first time is a bit strange – I’ve watched other people’s expressions at a couple of shows and realise now and that my reaction wasn’t unique. A 33 or 34″ barrelled shotgun is going to be either heavy or unwieldy or most probably both isn’t it? Everything I’d ever experienced gun-wise said that this would be the case – well it isn’t at all. The 33″ reference sporter felt lighter, much lighter in fact than my 30″ browning – in reality though they actually weigh almost exactly the same – there is a huge difference and something that up until that point i’d never realised was vitally important – the HPX has perfect balance. So even when try-mounting the gun it came up easily and felt just so natural – I managed to push the tactile perception that a Perazzi is exquisitely made out of my mind – all that mattered was its ability to bust clay’s.

John has a selection of stocks for the Perazzi mx8 action and i quickly found something that was an approximate fit to my small hands and we headed out to the fitasc pool shoot layout – very quick targets all at extreme range – tricky stuff. Box of 25 shells, a gun i’d never shot before – 20 targets broken. The gun, the fit, the uncluttered view of the target, perfect balance, instantaneous triggers (an HPX characteristic) the ability to nail the first target and swiftly shift the barrels to find the 2nd clay without effort was uncanny – spooky even. simply put – oh drat, i really didn’t expect it to be that good – not ever.

More deliberation required – i didn’t feel that i wanted to compromise at this price point and wanted a gun of a comparable spec to the Browning so multi-choke (with a brand loyalty preference to Briley), selectable trigger were firm requirements and maybe the ability to purchase a set of RSR barrels at some point later so an adjustable comb would be required too, with a beaver tail fore-end with a nickel coloured action as a personal preference and the 33″ barrels. John visits the Perazzi factory regularly and pre-selects the stock blanks to ensure all his HPX guns get nice well figured wood. The selectable trigger requirement meant that the action needed mx12 rather than mx8 based. with a spec finalised and a further sharp intake of breath an order was placed on a 6 month lead-time.

The 6 months rolled by and I received a phone call from John to say the gun was in the UK and could we organise the first fitting at the South Worcestershire shooting ground. See the image of john holding my gun (below). As you can see the gun was unfinished with a bare wood stock and no stock pad. We installed the Briley chokes (the barrels are machined and chokes installed in the UK you can spec teague instead if you wish) and headed off to the first stand. A 40ft tower and a midi target going like the clappers followed by a quick black rabbit against a dark background so both fairly tricky. Dusted them both, and the next pair – spooky. Of course as we worked our way through 120 28g Eley superbs carts I missed a few but there wasn’t anything I couldn’t hit. I learn’t something else that day – if the gun really fits properly than recoil isn’t an issue either; the case being that i normally shoot 24grm loads as i find the recoil from 28s unpleasant and i didn’t feel a thing. We jointly decided on butt-pad thickness, agreed that the trigger/barrel selector needed a final tune and the gun went off to have the stock finished. A month later i saw the HPX in it’s fully finished state at the final fitting looking gorgeous and wickedly effective at dusting targets.

So as a prospective owner what do you really get from buying an HPX Perazzi over and above travelling to Italy and having your gun made to order at the factory? You get probably one of the best competition shotguns on the planet made to order based on a stock design and physical specification that exceeds the standard factory configuration and then tuned to perfection. An HPX is truly special and the man behind it wants you to be 100% happy with your purchase – whatever it takes. The price includes all the fitting sessions and even a gorgeous leather gun slip complete with HPX patch – a truly unique route to the ownership of a very special gun.

John Worth


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