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SR1, RSR, HVR, DSR and LEGEND 2 — what do they do and why.

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Going back to the early days of my enthusiasm for shooting shotguns and the sports of game and clay shooting, and before I started selling my custom guns in East Sussex, my first motives in gun customizing were fuelled by an interest to always achieve my very best in whatever type of shotgun shooting I was involved with at the time. From the onset I had always enjoyed experimenting with many commodities that we use in life, always looking for a better, easier, more satisfying way of doing things. Take pretty well all sports and hobby pastimes and the current approach to perfection is greatly advanced on what it was many years ago. New materials, new ways of doing things, new high standards through manufacturing and our search for better performance has led us into a great many areas of high perfection. When I started clay pigeon shooting some 60 years ago, there were many small country shoots and fairs offering 25 target competitions and if you hit anything over 20 you had a chance of winning. Nowadays 100 and more target competitions are regular events and if you don’t shoot into the high 90’s at these events (sometimes 98,99 or even 100 straight) you don’t stand a chance. Enter the modern approach to the very best equipment one can make use of to assist the goal to perfection in all sports and in my case, the shooting world.

In the eighties, I was a keen clay shooter but was many times dissatisfied with the style and philosophy that went into shotgun design. Shorter barrels were very popular as targets were not very difficult but as targets improved, something had to follow suit. I had always thought that longer barrels designed properly would always beat the shorter ones as long as balance and what I call pointability from a suitably designed top rib, would be better. Enter the Perazzi DG2 32″ 12G SR1 shotgun which I first launched onto the market in 1982. It worked. Long and difficult targets became easier and to this day, this length is the industry standard. This idea held a top spot for many years up until the late 90’s when I perceived there was more to come. Even longer barrels too then became my target (?) and the first approach was to increase the 32″ standard through 33″ up to 34″. These longer barrel lengths were great improvement on the original DG2 design but for me it did not go far enough. The next most important feature for me to consider in improving shotgun design was and still is pretty obvious, better target vision.

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If you can see a target better you will hit it better. Pretty obvious improvement necessary, not so obvious to achieve. Point of impact has be be taken into consideration as some other efforts to give better target vision have missplaced the shot pattern. My designs leave the shot pattern where it should be (or where each particular shooter prefers it to be) but delivers a vastly superior vision of whatever target is being attempted. The SR1 was my first improvement made to STD shotguns as already mentioned going back to the 80’s. But however in the early 90’s, I had an idea of raising the eye position even more above the rib to allow a better vision without raising the POI, Point of impact. RSR means ‘Reverse Slope Rib’ and my first attempt to present this to the market back in 2012 works fantastically, the picture a shooter will see when pulling the trigger is vastly enhanced over a STD designed shotgun. Basically with the RSR, you have a higher head position so that the target is not blurred or indistinct but it will not shoot high.

The RSR really works and the following since it’s inception has been overwhelming with a great many customers shooting game or clays recognising just how much of an advantage this better vision is. Always looking for greater refinement on my ideas there followed different versions on the same theme. The DSR and the HVR both offer better target vision but also offering on different disciplines even more correlation with the target again leading to better results. The DSR is intended to be a serious clay gun with a double slope rib and a little heavier than the rest of the range and the HVR in the Perugini & Visini range intended to be a good allrounder albeit, in 33 or 34″ form it is a formidable weapon on clays or game. Finally my latest edition to the range is the Legend 2 which is to couple two of my designs together with the intention also of presenting a another superb allrounder suited and styled to be both a top game or a top clay gun. The vision on the Legend is exemplary, nothing else quite like it in my range or any other. If you want one gun to do pretty well everything, the Legend 2 will surely fit the bill.

So, the SR1, still a great gun for the traditionalists but also with great target vision, the RSR, a great game gun first but still good on clays, the DSR, a serious clay gun, the HVR, in its individual styles, game or clay, this is a firm favourite and now the ‘Legend’, just about the best shotgun for everything. One gun that just does it all.

If you are looking for a gun that comes fully customized with fully guaranteed perfect fit, correctly balanced and tweaked to perfection and an absolute joy to shoot, I have the answer. Any barrel length, any wood quality any engraving grade and extended guarantees. Call me for your free trial any time. Here is a comment I get many times, ‘I can now see what I am shooting at’. Come and try one.

What are the two most important points when purchasing a new shotgun?



Gun Fit and Target Vision

Within my range described above, I can supply all barrel lengths, (although I am well known for my long barrels which when balanced properly I believe are another step in the direction of easier shooting) 12, 20, or 28 gauge, any aesthetic requirements from standard finish right up to the highest grades of engraving possible and of course, a guaranteed perfect fit done my way, in the field whilst shooting. You can’t get a correct fit in a shop or standing behind a counter in a factory, you have to shoot your gun before it is tweaked to perfection on site whilst shooting a moving target. Come and have a free trial of any of my custom guns (6 demonstrators available across all models) at my range in Sussex and see if they work for you. They have worked for a great many customers.

Most top shooters can shoot pretty well any gun as long as it is tuned, balanced and perfectly fitted to their particular requirements. However, most top shots will also shoot a particular type of gun better than another. This is based on weight, sight picture, speed of handling and most of all, good timing and gun rhythm. My custom guns in East Sussex come in several different forms and different types to then suit various preferences and performances.

The Range Explained


Following my superior target vision philosophy, this is the ‘pinnacle’. Browsing through my various models you will see the emphasis I have put on target vision and this latest hybrid design leaves no holds barred. Making a hybrid out of the best of my designs was an obvious new way forward for an unbeatable allrounder and the Legend 2 just about does it all. Any barrel length from 30″ to 34″, clay and game weight versions, matched pairs built to perfection with std or the very best engraving and woodwork to satisfy the most fastidious. Easy to shoot ??? just amazing.


This is now the only gun in my range of guns that comes with a fairly conventional top rib that offers a sight picture that many experienced guns are familiar with. The head or sighting view of the SR1 should maintain an eye position of about 2-3m just above the rib when the gun is mounted snugly into the cheek. Looking dead flat along the top rib is in my opinion, incorrect and although it can be effective on closer range targets, it will let the shooter down on longer targets when it is important to see more of the target and exactly what you are doing. The SR1 has a very effective short ramp at the breech which also aids the target vision to some extent.


This was my first exclusive and unique rib design allowing the shooter to see much more of the target and have a far greater peripheral vision. The RSR is now very popular and once accepted and trusted it offers a far superior target vision than any other shotgun currently available. The head position with the RSR is raised approximately 5-6m above the breech face but although hard for some to accept, with this vision it will not shoot high. As you can see in my testimonials, this design really works and will generally give the shooter between 5 and 10% advantage over the SR1. 5 More targets hit out of 100 ? that is well justified.


The RSR above is designed as an all round gun perfectly at home on game or clays but for the serious clay shooter the DSR has a slightly different approach. This design uses the RSR principle but it is designed to be heavier, steadier and a little more controllable which can benefit the clay shooter. It is still very pointable and swings easy but the raised part of the rib allows a slightly more positive connection with the target. The head positon is a little higher than the RSR resting approximately 6-8m above the breech.


A variation on the theme here using a little from the HVR (PATENT GRANTED) and the RSR designs. The main section of the rib is in RSR configuration but the breech end has a small dip just in front of the breech. This is my personal favourite for game shooting and I have found it to be incredibly effective on all targets, the longest being made a lot easier. It is incredibly pointable and quick but steady too and because of its superb focus it is a joy to use on the highest of targets.


You will find other references to the DG2 on this website, my first design and development in superior shooting shotguns from the 80’s some 35 years ago. The original DG2 has enjoyed amazing success over the years and there are many users who are committed to this model for life. However, I wanted to bring it into this century. It now has the same short ramp section at the breech as did the original DG2 which then culminates in an RSR section right up to the muzzle. This design is again, very pointable offering a superb sight picture but it is also slightly more conventional for the traditional shooter. Hopefully, alongside the RSR/D, this model will become a reference just as the original did many years ago.


Patent applied for. This takes high vision to the extreme. As you will see from the pictures, the top rib comprises a short 15CM section at the muzzle only. The sight picture offered here is quite special and controversial as there is nothing to attract the eye away from the target at all the only connection to the target being this small rib at the muzzle. The eye position has to be in line with this raised rib but once fitted correctly, the results are pretty special. Target correlation becomes very easy and as per the PERAZZI designs, target vision is superb. This design works very well for the game or clay shooter and can assist (not cure) the shooter who has an opposite eye tendency.


My entry level to specialised and fully fitted shotguns. Check out the review in Pull magazine March 2020.

So, that’s the range. All the designs are available in 12, 20 or 28 gauge with barrel lengths from 28 to 34″ and all fully customized, tuned, balanced and perfectly fitted to each particular customer. Within my range I am confident that you will find the right gun for you, there is bound to be one that enables you to achieve your best possible performance on all targets. An investment in one of my guns represents a lifetimes pinnacle which hopefully will be with you for many years. I believe my designs out handle most of the competition and are more effective in use than most others too. Come and try.