with the Best
Target Vision

Introducing the Stratos

Now here’s a tempter!

Most of the same benefits of our Perazzi’s and P & V’S but for under £7K.

Fully fitted and fully customized.

A Real Price Breakthrough.

Can’t quite stretch to one of our famous Perazzi or Perugini & Visini top of the range shotguns?

The new Stratos in all 3 of our special rib designs, the RSR, DSR and HVR is just about to hit the market.

Manufactured by another top Italian gun maker, our special designs and now within reach of a wider audience.


John Jeffries Custom Shotguns - Shotguns with the Best Target Vision. If you want to shoot your very best, let me take you as close as possible. The rest is up to you.


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